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2018 Christmas E-cards, mostly animated.



Silent Night:




Critters during Christmas time:




Underwater Christmas:




Beautiful Bouquet:




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Fix the pony:




Silent Night:




Dog and cat White Christmas:




Blessed Christmas Manger:




Come all you faithful:



Snow Globe Deer:



Gloria - Flash Mob



400 Bagpipers with Amazing Grace:



Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah



Carol of the Bells - The Piano Guys



Piano Lights:



All I want for Christmas is you - and Jesus



Amazing Grace in Airport:



Do you hear what I hear?



Kaylee Rodgers Singing Hallelujah



Merry Christmas Kids Flash Mob at Vancouver International Airport



St. Patrick's Junior Choir Britain's Got Talent 2017 Full Audition



Cool message about half way through:






Celtic Woman - O Come, All Ye Faithful



Angels We Have Heard On High



Celtic Woman A Christmas Celebration




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Is it really that time again? Where did the year go?


More importantly, did you make the most of this last year? I keep finding myself eager to learn more as I age. I know many people would rather slow their lives down as they get older. For me, the more I learn, the more I find out how little I really know. This not only motivates me to keep learning, but inspires me to do more with my life, and adds an extra spring to my step.


It is always interesting talking with individuals that keep making the most of their lives. They are typically more upbeat, and smile a lot more.


It seems when you talk with persons that slow down their lives; more in the kickback mode, the conversations do not change much from what they have been in the past. Did you ever notice that?


Either way, it is always nice seeing people I have not been with in a while, regardless what pace of life they choose. It is really nice when you can talk face to face, rather than email or some other form of online social networking. When it is long distance, there is not much you can do, but when close by, nothing beats face to face. Even when you call, you at least get to hear their voice.  


I am still trying to figure out why many people seem to isolate themselves from others as time goes on. I too catch myself passing by opportunities to just stop by and say hi to a friend. Is it that our lives have become so full, or is it because we think it is easier to get stuck in a rut and stay there?


Sometimes, it seems we gradually wean ourselves from personally interacting with others until it becomes a habit. As we know, once a habit is established, it can be more difficult to get out of the rut we put ourselves in.


You wonder if there are forces in this world that work at keeping us at a distance from other people. There sure is a huge divide when it comes to politics. It used to be you could a agree to disagree, and still enjoy the company of those who view certain things different than what you do.


When we think about someone we may not have seen in a while, how often do we say in our mind, oh, so and so is probably too busy; maybe I will stop by and see them later on. How often does that later on, turn in to another later on, later on?


It seems we can make it fairly easy to convince our selves to believe just about any thing we want to convince our selves of. When we figure some one else is probably too busy, it seems to make our own self feel better that we did not take the time to go see if they were in fact, too busy.


It is not even that you have to stay long when you go see some one. Often spending just a few minutes with some one you have not seen for a while usually makes both people feel pretty good, regardless how long or short the stay. Just knowing someone took the time is cool.


Addictions are not some new phenomena. Just as drugs, smoking and alcohol are still addictions to many, so has time on the computer, or cell phone or many other electronics that have been popularized are now addictions. Though there may be interaction with certain individuals, there are many from our lives and past that do not seem to make it in to that loop, yet they used to be important in our lives. What made the change?


I know conversing face to face was much more common before computers came into the human equation. Now you can even talk to a digitized voice in your phone or computer, and other electronic devices. You wonder sometimes if some of these modern breakthroughs are a bigger help or hindrance when it comes to social living and interaction.


I heard that G5, the next generation for cell phones that is coming out during the next couple of years is not very healthy because you have more power in them, and directed to them, which they say, leaves you more susceptible to brain complications because of all that energy pointing at the phone, and being so close to your head. There are plenty of sites online that talk about it. It may be worth it to check them out, and better to stay with G4. Better safer than sorry. Too often they fail to test many new things that come out. Instead, they just go live and use us for their guinea pigs in real time, like GMO foods.


I guess it gets back to keeping a check on our personal priorities. Are we individually letting these modern contraptions control us, or are we in control of them?


There are numerous things we ought to research, instead of just saying, sure, go ahead.


It is another year, and time to reanalyze priorities. I always find it a good idea to recheck values, convictions and time management skills. There is just as much time now as there was 40 years ago, even if it does not seem like it sometimes.


You be sure to have a very Merry Christmas, and to have a great outlook for the next year. It is up to you to decide what you make it out to be. Also, you never know if some of the people in your life will still be around. I went to too many funerals this last year. Funerals are too late to stop by and say hi.


Also, be sure to thank God for His Son, Jesus - what Christmas is all about.







You hear some people say, do not live with regrets.

Step out and make a difference.

Live to your full potential.

I guess as long as you have your facts right, that is real good advice.  



The Christmas e-cards are at the following link: http://www.ecardxpress.com  



May your every decision be a wise and thoughtful one.